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[featurebox icon=”wristwatch” title=”Online Booking Engine” link=””]Finally a real time rental Online Booking Engine that follows your timeshare condo rules. Rentals are immediately updated into your Property Management System.

  • Inventory can be made available and displayed in the Online Booking Engine instantaneously.
  • Renters and Resorts receive emails confirming the reservations.
  • PCI Compliant with Easy Pay integration


[featurebox icon=”check” title=”OGRE Decision” link=””]Owners can confirm they are arriving for their week. For guests, owners can easily give their week to others. For rentals, owners can put their week up for rent.

  • Each OGRE decision is a la carte.
  • Owners can bank week and then process their exchange with DAE.
  • The Resort choses the features that services their Owners best.
  • All OGRE decisions are instantly updated into the Property Management System.
  • Reports are generated to show updated information on your Owner’s activities online.


[featurebox icon=”next-2″ title=”Float Assignments” link=””]Owners can manager their Float Assignments after paying their maintenance fee by simply clicking on an available Float Unit.

  • Owners can view available Float Inventory
  • Owners can make their reservation 24/7
  • Float Inventory can be viewed the moment it is made available
  • Confirmation of the Owners Float choice is emailed instantly

[/featurebox][featurebox icon=”cart” title=”Online Payments” link=””]Owners can view & pay their Maintenance Fees, Contract Fees, and more online via the Oömbaga mobile app or at the resort’s website.

  • Mass Email Invoices
  • Email to have link for individual Owner’s log-in area
  • View each contract & its associated fees
  • Optional charity fees (Owner is able to say yes or no to charitable fees)
  • Pay all button for all contracts
  • Full integration with resort’s Easy Pay account


[featurebox icon=”loop” title=”Internal Trade” link=””]Owners can trade with other Owners at their resort in real time. Fixed week Owners can view online, available weeks open for trade.

  • Owners will be able to request optional weeks for trade.
  • The Property Management System will be updated in real time when Owner’s choice is made.
  • Confirmation emails are sent to both Owners and the Resort.

[/featurebox][featurebox icon=”add-user” title=”Partners & Their Services” link=””]We’re proud of the partners we’ve gained, helping make our clients experience that much better! Check out what our partners offer our clients.

  • CustomerCountSM offers both Online Surveys and On Site Service Requests for Owners/Guests to contact the Resort without calling the Emergency line.
  • CSA offers both Travel and Maintenance Fee Insurance to Owners and Renters.
  • DAE offers the ability to Bank and choose an Exchange seamlessly through the Oömbaga mobile app.
  • Easy Pay provides credit processing with PCI Compliance


monster_white Say Hello To The Oömbaga OGRE!

For Owners

Oömbaga is a cloud-based Middleware platform with a mobile application which allows timeshare owners to pay maintenance fees, make reservations and carry out transactions with their resort. The Middleware connects timeshare owners to their resorts making transactions seamless via any online and mobile device. Oömbaga offers the eight features listed below, which are synchronized with the Property Management System.   Oömbaga contemplates additional features to be added based on demand and market opportunity arising from Oömbaga’s use.

  1. Maintenance Fees – Maintenance fee payment capability.
  2. OGRE Decision – Owners choose how they will use their designated vacation week (U/W).
  3. Guest Certificate – Owners assign guests to their designated U/W or exchanged week.
  4. Owner Rental – Owners push their U/W to the online booking engine automatically updates the Property Management System.
  5. Exchange – Seamless connection to the Property Management System through completion of the exchange process.
  6. Float Assignment – Owners can choose their floating U/W.
  7. Online Booking Engine (beta testing) – A real time booking engine for all current availability of properties.
  8. Internal Trade/Upgrade (beta testing) – Owners can trade or upgrade with other owners or inventory made available by the resort.

For Resorts

Oömbaga’s break through technology design and revenue sharing business model offers the timeshare industry a unique product to improve existing customer service and perceived value of timeshare ownership, to enhance the timeshare sales process and to capture additional revenue by participating in fees from arranging/brokering vacation activities for owners. Oömbaga also creates opportunity to generate additional “share of wallet” revenue from vacation expenditures in the local market that was previously not able to be captured.  The revenue sharing concept is the only such product in the market today.

Oömbaga’s Timeshare Software has specifically designed its Property Management System (“PMS”) to meet and support all of the operation-based needs of timeshare developers, as well as the PMS resort site functions.

For Vendors

A direct-to-owner software application that connects timeshare owners directly with their resorts and management companies for communication interface, vacation planning and to complete a variety of vacation and timeshare related transactions and services offers a unique opportunity for vendors for the Vacation Industry to provide their services directly to the Owner/Guest/Renter/Exchanger.

Oömbaga is both an industry middleware and a mobile software application that connects property management systems and 3rd party vendors to resorts and owners through any online mobile device, including PC’s. In addition to accessing and processing timeshare reservations, paying maintenance fees and renting their interests through the Oömbaga system, owners can also plan vacations and reserve vacation activities.

Oömbaga’s middleware creates a one time integration for direct to customer exposure.   This generates a secure platform for the customer to participate in the vendors services. Oömbaga produces a never before method to quickly offer/service and satisfy the customer directly.

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[counter_num title=”Timeshare Resorts In The U.S.” number=”1540″][/counter_num]
[counter_num title=”Unused Vacations Days Per Household” number=”5″][/counter_num]
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Property Management System
  • Reservation
  • Front Desk
  • General Ledger
  • Rental Distribution
  • Float Assignment
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Team Management
  • Coaching Center
  • Fractional Rotation


For Resorts

  • Oömbaga shares profits with the resorts
  • This provides unrealized revenue to partnering resorts
  • Timeshare owners and guests spend 9 billion dollars each year on off- site activities.  Now resorts can participate in the share of wallet proceeds through Oömbaga.
  • Alternative revenue earned through Oombaga will help keep Maintenance Fee from increasing.
Sales System
  • OPC
  • Welcome Center
  • Tours
  • Contracts
  • Mortgages
  • Gifting
  • Inventory Control
  • Collections
  • Sales Payroll
[testimonials_slider itemscustom=”479:1,768:1,992:1,1200:1″][testimonials_slider_item ts_name=”Tim N.” ts_website=”Resort Staff” ts_link=”” ts_avatar=”474″]We are very excited about Oombaga. 85 % of our Owners have adopted Oombaga to pay their Maintenance Fees and to manage their vacation week. This has thrilled our staff, now they have more time for other duties and guest relations. We are pleased we partnered with Oombaga.”[/testimonials_slider_item][testimonials_slider_item ts_name=”Robert Kobek” ts_website=”RRP, President of CustomerCount” ts_link=”” ts_avatar=”474″]We are always looking for new points of distribution for our system. Oömbaga opens the door for many resorts to engage their members immediately and seamlessly.[/testimonials_slider_item][testimonials_slider_item ts_name=” Jackie L.” ts_website=”Timeshare Owner” ts_avatar=”474″]We definitely use the Oombaga app to manage our vacation. As the one that does all the planning anything that can save time for me is necessary. So I am thankful for it. [/testimonials_slider_item][testimonials_slider_item ts_name=”Trudo L.” ts_website=”Timeshare Owner” ts_avatar=”474″]As one of the first users of Oombaga MOVE we found it to be really convenient easy to use and time efficient. The fact that Oombaga MOVE makes everything accessible to you in one simple place whether it’s paying your maintenance fee, making our assignment and following through with exchanges. It really makes it so simple to see everything through from start to finish.[/testimonials_slider_item][/testimonials_slider]
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